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Journal of Musculoskeletal Science and Technology. Vol. 7, No. 2, 2023

Research Report
Prevalence and Anatomical Distribution of Non-Contact Musculoskeletal Pain among Elite Adolescent Cricket Fast Bowlers in Sri Lanka
J Musculoskelet Sci Technol 2023;7(2):49-53.
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A Multi-Layer Perceptron Neural Network for Predicting the Diagnosis of Osteoporosis in Women Using Physical Activity Factors
J Musculoskelet Sci Technol 2023;7(2):54-61.
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How Well can Machine Learning Models Classify Individuals with and without Non-Specific Chronic Neck Pain based on Cervical Movements during Protraction and Retraction?
J Musculoskelet Sci Technol 2023;7(2):62-70.
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Machine Learning vs. Logistic Regression for Classifying Pressure Pain Hypersensitivity Based on Postural Analysis Data in Food Service Workers with Nonspecific Neck/Shoulder Myofascial Pain
J Musculoskelet Sci Technol 2023;7(2):71-79.
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Validity and Reliability of Digital Navicular Drop Equipment in Young People with and without Pes Planus
J Musculoskelet Sci Technol 2023;7(2):80-86.
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Effect of Hip Mobilization with Movement in Weight-Bearing Position on Mobility of Hip Internal Rotation
J Musculoskelet Sci Technol 2023;7(2):87-92.
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Analysis of the Correlation Coefficient between Experimental Device and F-RAY for Skin Elasticity
J Musculoskelet Sci Technol 2023;7(2):93-98.
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Changes in Muscle Activity of Hip Joint Muscles during Clam Exercise after Abdominal Draw-in Exercise in Men with Weak Abdominal Muscles
J Musculoskelet Sci Technol 2023;7(2):99-105.
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Comparison of the Hip Flexor Strength in Subjects with and without Femoral Anterior Glide Type according to Manual Fixation of Femoral Head during Active Straight Leg Raise
J Musculoskelet Sci Technol 2023;7(2):106-111.
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Effects of Rhythmik Program on Isokinetic Muscle Function and Static Ability
J Musculoskelet Sci Technol 2023;7(2):112-118.
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