Editorial Workflow

Journal of Musculoskeletal Science and Technology use double blind review process. Upon receipt of a manuscript the editor will notify the corresponding author that the submission has been received. Received manuscripts are first examined by The Journal of Musculoskeletal Science and Technology editors. If a manuscript does not meet the general criteria for publication, it will be returned to the authors without being peer reviewed, typically within 7 working days. Before making such a decision, Editor-in-chief might discuss a paper with an editorial colleague or with a member of the journal’s Editorial advisory board to seek a second opinion. We encourage authors to suggest the names of potential reviewers, but we reserve the right of final selection. The manuscript will undergo a double blinded review process. Under this process the editor will forward (electronically) the manuscript to two independent reviewers. Normally the review process will take approximately 14 working days. After the review process has been completed the main author will be notified via E-mail either of acceptance, revision or rejection of the manuscript. If revision was recommended, this should be completed and returned to the editor within 4 weeks, failure to return the revised manuscript within the allotted time span will lead to rejection of the manuscript. When a manuscript has been accepted for publication it will be forwarded to the editor-in-chief for final approval. The editor-in-chief will work with the main author to make necessary revisions in order for the manuscript to appear. The final proof of the manuscript will be sent to the main author as an E-mail attachment. If the main author requires any minor changes to the finished work, these should be submitted electronically to the editor-in-chief within one week.